The Author

Brigadier Pessie Madan (b. September 26, 1916; d. April 18, 2015) was one of the early leaders of India's high-technology industry. He began his distinguished career in the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army, and rapidly built a reputation as a successful and efficient builder of advanced electronics engineering companies. He served with the nation's premier defense electronics public sector company, Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) in Bangalore, where he set up a plant at Ghaziabad, and later became CEO of the State public sector electronics company, Gujarat Communications and Electronics Company. Post retirement, he built his third high-tech company called Tata Electronic Development Services (TEDS), which went on to become— as other companies Madan built—a winner. He served as a Senior Advisor to Tata Steel, and a principle with Tata Consulting Services (TCS) before finally retiring.